Sunday, July 8, 2012

Obama negative ads aren't telling the truth

President Barack Obama is at it again. This time he has launched a new set of negative ads directed at Republican candidate Mitt Romney. Even though the point of the ads have been depicted as untrue by the independent research firm

The 30-second spot — titled "The Problem" — claims Romney condoned the Chinese "taking our jobs and taking a lot of our future." It's the latest in a steady drumbeat of negative attacks on Romney's record as a corporate buyout specialist, alleging he profited off of deliberately bankrupting companies and sending jobs overseas.

Obama is undeterred by independent fact-checkers that have debunked the thrust of his claims. "We have found no evidence to support the claim that Romney — while he was still running Bain Capital — shipped American jobs overseas," concluded in a report last month.

Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler also concluded that while Bain-owned companies may have engaged in outsourcing, Romney's ties to the practice are tenuous.

Unfortunately it is the only way Obama can win re-election as he cannot stand on any of his policies. The economy is a total disaster and a majority of Americans are against his health care plan. Hopefully the public can see through his false claims.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Obama spending more time fundraising than running the country

Maybe if President Obama spent as much time actually running the country as he did fundraising our economy might be in a better place.  Instead, Obama has been hopping on Air Force One and running all over the United States to fundraisers.

Just in June alone he attended 33 different fundraisers!  That's over one a day.  How about actually staying in Washington and working on fixing our ailing economy and rampant unemployment.

Oh, and just who pays for all these Air Force One trips around the country so he can raise money?  Of course we do.  The American taxpayers.  So we are taking a double whammy on this one.  A President not doing anything in Washington and taking 33 trips last month on the taxpayers bill.