Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a novel idea California has....Cut Welfare!

What a novel idea California has to help solve their budget deficit. Cut welfare for 500,000 families.....wow maybe now they'll have to actually go work for a living like the rest of us rather than sit at home doing nothing. Maybe every other state will figure this out and cut out the socialist freebies.

It's ashame that there are some other cuts Governor Schwarzenegger is proposing like cutting the state park funding and cutting school funding. Hey how about doing away with welfare altogether? Welfare was not what this great country was built on. Going out and making a life through effort and hard work is what made us a great country. Too many people look for the government for handouts nowadays rather than being resolute and going and earning a living.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

More new taxes coming. This time its Beer and Wine

The democrats are floating new tax ideas. Last week it was soft drinks like Coke and Dr Pepper. This week it is beer and wine. The plan is up to $2 per case of beer to help fund health care. It will not be a big deal to my pocketbook given the fact that personally I drink about six beers a year nowadays (seems I have outgrown it in my 20s).

BUT bottom line it is just more government taxation in a time when the economy does not need more taxes. Furthermore, the brunt of this tax will be shouldered by the middle and lower class, who studies show are the major consumers of alcohol in the United States. So the people Obama campaigned for on a stance of lowering tax burdens will be the ones to feel this the most.

Stop the extra taxation and be fiscally responsible. In my life if I can't pay for it then I don't get it. Period.

Alcoholo Taxation ....bad idea.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

California voters reject budget measures

California voters spoke loudly as they rejected lawmakers ideas on closing the $21 billion dollar state budget shortfall. Over 60% of voters said no way. Voters however were more than happy to approve a measure that bars any pay increases for state officials. Sounds like a resounding rejection of California elected officials to me.

I think this quote sums it up best:
"We have a dope for a governor and the legislature is completely incompetent," said John Brockage outside a polling place in Oakland, California, on Tuesday. "I voted 'no' on all of them."

Voters said they disliked the specifics in the measures, including a spending cap, extending tax increases, borrowing against lottery revenues and tapping dedicated funds, and used the election to rebuke the governor and lawmakers.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Earthquake shakes Euless here in North Texas

Well there I was sitting on the couch Saturday morning disappointed that our soccer tournament had been cancelled due to the rains that moved in overnight. I was watching 10,000 BC opn the tele when all of a sudden the whole building started shaking. At first I thought a neighbor knocked over a dressor or something (as I live in an apartment building), but the shaking continued. I felt the whole building sway back and forth probably four times and then it stopped. The whole thing lasted maybe five seconds total.

I thought "What the heck was that?" I wondered had a car struck the building....but no there had been no crash. I live only a mile from DFW Airport and the only thing I could really think was possibly there had been a plane crash or something. Surely it was not an earthquake here in Euless. I decided to take out the trash and go outside to see if anyone else was around.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wow a tax on Dr Pepper and Coke is next from the Democrats?

Seriously Obama. Now a tax on soft drinks? Tax hikes left and right. Typical democrat policy. Tax and spend. This was the first April in the history of our country that the government ran at a deficit. In 250 years! Now they want to add a tax on Dr Pepper and Coke? Come on.

How about we just stop giving a year of unemployment benefits to allow these people to sit on their couch and do nothing, we cut it in half and have them go get jobs. No we would rather have a government that allows them to do nothing and get paid for it. I drove down our main street this morning and counted six help wanted or hiring signs in different businesses. No lets just keep the ridiculously long free money for doing nothing policy and instead tax soft drinks.